Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bleeding Heart Liberal Hippy (as per usual)

Look, I'm not definitively either FOR or AGAINST the death penalty.  In fact, I have not yet made up my mind how I feel about it.

Except to say that, the fact is, there are NO do-overs, you know, if the party in question is dead.  And so, if he/she is found innocent, too late.  Too bad, so sad.  No do-overs.  DNA has exonerated 17 people so far, according to The Innocence Project.  I know, that's certainly NOT a staggering number, BUT... I bet to their moms, each one of those people is a staggering person.  Just saying.

This got under my skin.  More than reasonable doubt, is all.

But then, this on Facebook this morning:
GD, y'all, REALLY???

On what planet is it okay for us - you know, people - to celebrate another human being's death???

I do not care if it is Osama Bin Lauden or Hitler or whomever, they done some bad stuff, it's true.

So have I.  Not that bad, I think, but I don't know that God cares what level of bad.  It's all bad.

I don't have any right to throw that stone, thanks.


I hope the family of the slain police man gets peace.

I hope that the family of Troy Davis continues to believe his innocence.

I hope that Troy Davis is sitting in Heaven, just shaking his head because we-all are so dang stupid.

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