Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Three years ago yesterday, my ex-husband moved out of my house.

In the past three years, I also did this:

Run a half marathon
Signed up and began to train for a full marathon
Said goodbye to my favorite cat ever
Fell in love with two new cats
Bought a house and painted that bitch
Figured out that I am so very capable
Of anything
Been on exactly 2 dates
Figured out that I don't much care for dating
Taught a little boy how to ride a bike without training wheels
Read Harry Potters 1-3 to a little boy
Watched a little boy light up a stage
Watched a taller boy get his diploma
Watched a taller boy win a really hard fight
Watched a taller boy say he does to a beautiful girl
Sat in the company of a dozen teenagers who love me
Loved a dozen teenagers
Made music
Made friends
Drank tequila
Watched jeopardy
Ate some really fantastic food
Ate some absolutely god-awful food
Cooked some absolutely god-awful food
Paid my bills on time
Got a raise
Laughed a ton
Said goodbye to a good friend (Love you, Joebie.)
Dyed my hair
Lost 30 pounds
Put ten on again.  Then lost it again.  Then gained five and called it "stasis."
Sang karaoke.  And a gig.  Or three.
Got beaten at Trivial Pursuit.


Been a pretty damn good couple-few years.