Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bienvenue en Louisiane

Oh, shit, y'all.  It's been a week.  Like a few weeks, actually, but whatevs.  Whatevs.

So, I had vacation I had to burn or lose, and so I took it last week.  Was off work for a week.  A WEEK.

We had Mardi Gras parades and stuff like that the weekend before, so we took the beginning of last week to recompose ourselves, to relax and unwind and the like.

And then the Doodle and I headed on up to the ATL (I seriously almost typed Hot-lanta, which is uncool because I like to make fun of people who say that.)  I was seeing the Janie girl and her sweet baby but her mom, who had been ill for a very long time, had taken a bad turn, so I ended up doing some un-planned things.  Drinks with old coworker friends.  Sing-alongs with my favorite gay boyfriend.  Yarn shopping.


And it was all super fun times.  It really was.  Saturday morning, J's mom passed away, so that part was sad.  It wasn't unexpected, but still.  It also gave me the impetus to stay in Atlanta a few extra days, to attend the service and whatnot.

We ended up having adventures in funeral planning, and there was a good reason to be thankful for my sweet little Rav 4, which did a badass job in hauling me around.  I love my car.

In the meantime, the baby spent time with his daddy's family, and I drank Dunkin Donuts and ate barbecue and indulged in at least one Sweetwater Blue, and so forth.

There were a few memorable moments.  Let's see:

1) Ask DADT about his inappropriate computer password, that he had to give to the deskside support team at his work.  Which is HILARIOUS.  Because it is INAPPROPRIATE.

2)  Ask the funeral director why on EARTH he thinks it was possible that "that girl with the baby," namely JANIE, could be my DAUGHTER, since, you know, she's a teensy bit older than me (just saying.) And, you know, there for her mother's funeral.

There are more.  TONS more, but I am tired, and I've got a cold thing going on, and I'm about to go eat lunch.

Just know this.  When we were getting off the interstate at my exit, yesterday, I said to the baby,  "Caleb, are you glad to be getting off of this highway and going home?"   He said, "YUP!"  I said, "Me, too!"  He said, "THANK JESUS."

Because that's how we roll.