Sunday, April 24, 2016

Keyboard player

So.  A few weeks ago, I was invited to join a band.  Not invited to audition.  To join a band.

So I agreed. 

I went to a practice, and, for the first time in ever, I played actual keyboard instead of piano.  With effects and xpositions and shit.

It was hard.  I told them I was out of my league.  They told me I really wasn't.  And then I played my first gig with them.

Mind you, 2 hours of practicing does not prepare one for a 4 hour gig.

I practiced more on my own.  I fooled with effects.  I listened and listened and listened.

At the gig, I was terrified.  I couldn't hear my keys or my vocals, and I had no idea if anything sounded good, though I absolutely knew immediately when I screwed up.

And I did screw up, but again, this was new.  And I looked really cute.

So, a few days later, we practiced again. This was harder, but I did ok.  I sang well.

And we had gigs lined up for the next weekend.  

I got booted from the paying gigs.  But was asked to play the freebie.  :/

But that was all fine, because a few weeks later, they had lined up a casino gig.  Big money, big exposure!  And two whole weeks to practice!

But I've now been booted from that, too.

That's very disappointing.  My closest friends and oldest son have agreed that I am ok with being a little butt hurt about that.  

And meanwhile, I have bought a ton of music paraphernalia I never expected to need.  I have read a bunch to find out what to do better.  I have practiced a shit ton, and for the first time in my life, feel actually musicked out.  I didn't even know that was possible.

They swear I am technically "in" the band.

I just need to decide if I really want to be.