Monday, August 27, 2012


I don't know if it is a freak thing or what, but there are literally hundreds and hundreds of dragonflies swarming right now.  My kitten knows something is up, too.  Animals really can sense strange weather, can't they?

As you know, Isaac, a Big Bad Tropical Storm, is pointed right at me.  I'm actually pretty excited, being that I super big love weather, but I do wish I were not at work right now.  Oddly, my folks, who live right at the water, keep begging me to come to their house.  I can't do that, though, because my plans involve wearing panties and a tank top and drinking beer, pretty much constantly.  Boom!  Hello, Hurricane!

Anyway, my big kid is at college, and he wants to stay there, so I'm going to let him.  If the power goes out up there, I can always go and get him later.  Whatever.

The little boy will probably not have school at all the rest of this week, but certainly not tomorrow or Wednesday.  Ergo, this girl is not working, either.  I wouldn't have to, anyway, because I'm government, by God, and the government has already said we are closing up shop.  God I love everything.

And so, I'm preparing for some good wind (the gusts have already started) and some rain.  We will do jigsaw puzzles and listen to my iPod.  We will read books and play board games and comfort the kitten.  We will snuggle on the air mattress in the living room, if it feels like the right thing to do.  We are going to have a good time.

Wish me luck, people!  Bring it on, Isaac!  I'd like a bloody Mary, and your signature wink, please...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catch-er Up-er

The Bean has been at college for a week and three days, today.  It's going remarkably well, and - get this - I didn't cry.  I mean, of course I miss him, I love him very much and he's like the adult portion of the light of my life (wow, that kind of sounded creepy.  by that I mean, the one that can play Jeopardy with me.), but he's so freaking happy, in love with his (hell hole) dorm room, his (rather ugly) college campus, all the amenities.
Look.  Jesus H., that's a tiny room.  You can't really tell, but he for sure could stretch his arms out and touch both walls.
It does look slightly better, now, since he has, you know, made his bed.

I mean, bottom line, I'm super glad that he's having fun, and the truth is...  well... kid created a lot of mess, a lot of trash, and a lot of dishes.  Not to mention laundry.  So it really is okay.

In the meantime, the little birdie has settled into first grade.  It took him a week or so to figure out how to behave in a way that does not result in notes home that say the following:

"Needs to work on talking, talking in the bathroom, talking in the lunch line, talking while teacher is talking, talking, talking, talking..."

That is a quote.  That's my baby.

Anyway, but so, it's all settling down and he's still a teensy bit in love with his teacher, who is "pretty."  Of course she is.  Six year old boys are so cute.

But not as cute as kittens...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Grader's Biggest Fan

This week has the potential for big, giant suckiness.

The doodlebug started first day today.  Here's what it looked like.  Please note, my mom is responsible for the ridiculous haircut.

 Eyes closed picture.  Of course.

 Big ol' cheesy grin!

 "please can we be done??"

 Let's go, already!

 Look.  He's like, yes, I'm inquisitive and adorable, thank you very much.  New teacher will ADORE you!

 His new backpack has his initials embroidered on it.  Does LL Bean offer a replacement for when he loses it?

True to form, he insisted that he walk in by himself, this year.  He's a big boy.  I'd cry and sniff and such, but... eh.  It's not really that big of a deal.  I mean, I'm happy for him, I think he's going to have great fun, but I have bigger fish to fry.

Which is to say...

The big kid gets moved into his dorm on Sunday.  At college.  In another town than where I live.  Where he will then live.  Away from me.  Without me.

He promises that we can Skype frequently and still watch Jeopardy together and that sort of thing.  But.  Gulp.

I told him that he really doesn't NEED higher education, right, and so he should just stay home with me, but he didn't buy into that plan.

Kid is totally ready.  He has all sorts of electronica and then a fridge, a coffee pot, a toaster, a mass of tupperware...  He is much better set-up than I was, and I was going to school 2500 miles away from where my parents lived.  He's going to be about 60 miles away.



And so, today, I'm going to pick up the doodle and take him to the Soda Shoppe (I'm not sure if it is really douchy enough to be spelled like that, but I'm going to assume that it is) in Olde Towne (fuckit.).  And I'm going to try really hard to not get choked up that only one of my babies is still enrolled in the public school district...

I wonder if Ye Olde Shoppe serves Vodka...