Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Throw me something, mister!" Shouter

L'aissez les bon temps, bitches.  It's Mardi Gras. 

What's that mean, you ask?  It means this.

1.  King Cake.
oh, sweet heaven.
To-date, I have found the goddamn baby twice.  I have already brought in one cake, so I am in arrears by one cake.  Still, I am not the only one.  At least one co-worker owes another cake, too, so I'm probably okay until next payday.  Thank God.
2.  Parades.
Every year, the kid steals my sunglasses on parade days.  He has, like, 40 pairs of sunglasses of his own, yet this is how I get the shaft.  He's cute in my Jackie-O's, though.

The first parade rolled last Sunday.  It was all right, we got some crap, but not as much as we usually do.  I have a lot of hope for this weekend, though.  There are two parades this weekend, and I know pretty much every single person in the Saturday parade.  I am going to go ahead and bring three bags for the catches.  My goal this year is to get roses, lots of roses.  Granted, any man I see will be over age 80, but they might think of me as a cute young thing.  I'll take it.

3.  Sunshine

Mama is ready for these little skinny white legs to brown up a bit.  Mardi gras parades are a good start.  As soon as the season is over, we ought to be into prime beach weather.  Take me to the beach and I'm a happy girl.  So let's have that now, shall we?

Happy Mardi Gras!