Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dory from Nemo

Last night, I sent the following text to my brother:
Shit!  Yosemite Sam's real name is Sam Schultz!  I named my kid after a Loony Tunes character!
About 20 minutes later, I got the following back:
You're senile.  We've had this conversation like 3 times.
What sucks is, he's probably telling the truth.  The conversation continued as follows:

Me:  God Dammit
Him:  We just did it via text on Nov 14.
Me:  God dammit.  I haven't even been drinking.
Him:  Also, search theskinny.  The clip is posted some time back.
Him:  Senile.
Me:  Times like this, I hate myself.

My mom has this horrible habit of calling the kids the wrong thing.  She's confused my brother and Sam's names for years, to the point where they pretty much both answer if she says either name.  Now she's getting that way with the little boys.  Caleb and Kolya's names are too close.

And she also happens to tell the same story, thousands of times.  To the same people.  Oh, God, does she ever.

If you are really lucky, you can hear the same story also from my dad, and possibly my Aunt. 

But obviously, I don't have room to say a word.

Holy shit!  Did I tell you that I realized that my kid's name is exactly the same as a Loony Tunes Character??

Someone get me a beer.

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