Thursday, March 15, 2012

PTA Mom. As per usual.

The other night, Doodlebug had to perform at the PTA meeting.  Now let it be known, I'm not one of those terribly involved parents, despite that "records indicate that your involvment results in higher GPAs!"  Fuck the records.  They are NOT the boss of me.

That being said, I mean, I send in the crap he's supposed to bring in, I do his homework with him (most of the time), so there.  I'm a good mom and all.

And a hot one.

Aherm.  But I digress.

(seriously, though, 27 pounds since November, and I look foxy.)

Anyway, so the doodle had to sing 2 songs with his little class, and he was so cute and such a big boy.  See?  Big boy.  That's him in the yellow.

They sang 42 verses of "Skip to My Lou" (it really may have been 6 or 7 verses, but still, who knew there was more than one??) and then "Shoo Fwy, Don't Bother Me."  ("I belong to somebody."  Isn't that wrong?  Should that not be "I belong to Company B"?  Just saying.)

Anyway, preciousness.  And thus it begins, my youngest performing annually in some school nonsense that inevitably will leave me misty-eyed and wanting a snuggle.  My big one brought me to tears with some truly awful viola-ing, and a one-time-only event of him drumming along to "We Built This City."  That was a double-whammy, because it proved that my baby had good taste.

And here we go, for round two.

Good heavens, it's hard to love little people who insist on growing up!

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