Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Other Kids with their Pumped Up Kicks

Lemme tell you something.


If you are pissed off because your dad is a shitheel and you don't have the bad-ass shoes of the moment, don't be shooting.

(by the way, not that you care, but the version of "pumped up kicks" of my day were freaking KEDS.  not the coolest generation, us.)


This catchy-ass song makes you sing along because it's so groove, so much your jam, and then you suddenly realize that you are pretty much encouraging a school shooting.

Y'all.  No.

Just saying.

Damn, y'all kids be bugging.


  1. Actually, we're of the only generation who had kicks that had actual pumps. You could literally wear pumped up kicks, except that I never heard anyone call shoes kicks back then.

  2. That is completely true, we sure could pump our shoes, you know, if we wanted.

    But the yankees, we all wore keds. With folded down socks that were the same color as our shirts. It was a bad time.