Monday, June 6, 2011

Podcast Listener

OMG I Internet Stalk Her Because She is CRAZY FUNNY

What I listen to when I'm running.  Usually.  He is way nicer than my other running coach, which is to say, me.  He doesn't call me fatty nearly as often.

Increases my dork/know-it-all/Cliff Claven factor.

Makes me feel all liberal arts major and with-it hipster.

Sometimes the 80's really were the best.

Is it dorky that I listen to podcasts as much or more than I watch tv?  I listen while I'm running, duh, but also while I do other stupid weirdo dorky things that I love like the knitting, or the cross-stitch, or the driving, or the walking-around.  Laundry.  Dishes (pfft.  as if I do dishes.)

I like podcasts.

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