Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Bunny

God, how I love the beach.

No, that's not strong enough.


No, too hokey.


Yeah, that'll do.

I can't live without a regular dose of salt air and sand.  I love the beach.  Love, love, love it.

Fortunately, I live about 35 minutes from a beach that looks um... like a beach.  I'd post a freakin' picture, but I can't get it to upload, so phooey.  Kung fu phooey.

Anyway, so I went there, did I, with the littlest one, on Saturday.  I sprayed him with SPF 50 and then rushed to rinse my hands so even my palms could potentially develop deadly skin cancer at some point in the future. 

And I failed to remember that I am currently taking an antibiotic, and one of the side effects is may cause sensitivity to sunlight.  Well.  Poop. 

So, yeah, I happen to have a bit of pinkishness, but let it be known that this is entirely the fault of that stupid medicine, and I still maintain that I NEVER GET A SUNBURN.

Anyway, we went back to the beach yesterday, making two beachy days of fantastic this long weekend and I wouldn't change a THING.

I love the beach.

On another note, for the second time in the last year, I've united my brother with a missing pet due to facebook.  Technically, this time, the pet wasn't missing, he just liked to go visiting.  Regardless, I cannot express how much fun it is to put my brother in contact with someone who claims to have found an animal that we all know belongs to my brother.  Especially since I live 80 miles away from my brother.  I am a miracle worker.

Have a happy Tuesday, all you little beach bunnies.

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