Friday, December 23, 2011

Giver of Cheer. Receiver of Cheer, actually.

I have had a truly remarkable week.  After being propositioned by a (perhaps) Indian man on Monday, it has only gone uphill.

A boy told me that he thinks I'm pretty, which, you know?  Definitely a nice thing to hear.  Definitely the highlight of my week.

Other than all that, we had our choir Christmas party and we had band practice, and the artist formerly known as my husband and I are legally separated and that's GOOD BUT WEIRD TOO, and his mom has Doodlebug but she is bringing him to me today, so that's good, too.

It's just weird.

But anyway, today was Christmas-at-work day, and I got some nice, nice things:
1) A new rosary (nicer than the one I bought myself, and good nuns have multiples, so I'm in good shape.)
2) Two candles
3) An ornament
4) A big, fabulous LSU hoodie.  FREAKING LOVE IT.
5) A gift certificate to Applebees, about which I am a little meh, because, you know?  yuck.  Applebees.  But still, free meal.
6) A few other little things from my friends.

I have nice friends at work.  Makes me happy.

The good stuff starts tomorrow, and I'm excited.  Christmas is my favorite.  For real.

I'll fill you in later.

In the meantime, Happy Christmas Adam, Eve tomorrow, and glorious day on Saturday.

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